In Roberto Coin ateliers focus is on creating jewels that are always new, inspired by the uniqueness of every woman.

Roberto Coin and its team wants to give each of them the chance to find the jewel that best reflects her, almost as though they wanted her uniqueness to be reflected in the jewelry she wears.

It goes without saying that in a place like Roberto Coin atelier, women are celebrated every day, and there’s no date on the calendar that isn’t March 8.

Over 90% of Roberto Coin’s team is made up of women. During the day, they make unforgettable jewelry and in the evening, they go back to the embrace of their families, as mothers, daughters, wives, fiancés, singles.

Diamond Princess diamond pendant


EUR 15'380

Roberto Coin


EUR 2'430

The humanity that flows in the Roberto Coin halls is female, and ladies know that outside the golden doors they work behind, the story is a profoundly different one; dates like March 8 that are made to consolidate respect and care still aren’t as secure as they should be.

Love in Verona bangle with diamonds


EUR 6'130

The language Roberto Coin jewelry speaks is the language of beauty. It is used to convey values such as the kindness of gestures, respect for diversity, consideration for the desires of others and the importance of sharing goals and ideas.

These values aren’t just part of the Roberto Coin brand manifesto; they are the elements that make up the air Roberto Coin’s team breathes.

The exceptionality of nature lies in its ability to contain grandiose concepts in elements as small and simple as a flower. Today, floral jewelry is the vessel of all the love that team at Roberto Coin wish for the women of the world.

Princess Flower ring with diamonds


EUR 3'180

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