Diamond bangle bracelets are a timeless and ultra-desirable piece of luxury jewelry. Why do we love them? Bold and lightweight, they embrace your wrist in a continuous circle and bring a striking aesthetic to your day-to-day life. Although these cuff bracelets are beautiful when worn alone, they shine even brighter when accompanied by other Messika gold and diamond bangle bracelets. Introducing our two indispensable bangle bracelets to enhance your outfits: the Move Noa full pavé bangle and the Move Romane bangle.

Move Noa full pavé bracelet

Messika is expanding its Move Noa jewelry collection with this new luxury piece. The traditional Move Noa bangle bracelet, which has become an absolute must-have since its creation, has been reinvented in an even more radiant version entirely set with diamonds. For everyday wear, this diamond bangle bracelet brings together comfort and style to create the perfect companion for a casual and daring look. A luxury piece of jewelry designed for both women and men available in white gold, pink gold or yellow gold.

Move Romane bracelet

Indulge yourself with the iconic Move Romane bangle, the diamond bracelet for men and women. A bangle bracelet with a unique design and timeless elegance that offsets the shimmer of a gold-plated piece or the lightness of a diamond rivière. Five diamonds set free, balancing volume and space, gliding and dancing with your every move. This luxury piece illuminates the wrist, adorning it in a way that reveals its subtle elegance and beauty. Be seduced by the radiance of this precious piece of jewelry, which will add a sparkle to every single moment of your life.

Whatever the occasion, these diamond bracelets for women or men can be worn alone, emphasising their elegance, or together with other Messika diamond pieces for a resolutely fashion-forward look. Stack your gold and diamond bangle bracelets and create the perfect combination!

Find your perfect jewelry piece among our selection of gold and diamond bangle bracelets.

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